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Losing weight can be more difficult for some than others, whether it is because you don’t have that same metabolism you used to have or simply because your life is much busier now and you have less time to dedicate to working out. Fat Burning Furnace is a fat loss program designed specifically for those who need to lose weight but don’t have a lot of time to spend going to the gym or preparing meals.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading…

Once you read this Fat Burning Furnace review you will understand how it works, learn what others are saying, know about both the good and the bad stuff, whether this program is designed for you, and more. Also, you will be provided a link to the official website so you know you are getting the legitimate program that includes all that is promised on the site.

The reason it is important to only buy for the official site is that often there are illegal versions of products available on the internet. These pirated versions are don’t qualify for the money back guarantee, may not have the complete product information and will not allow you to receive any product updates from the owner.

How It Works

The basic idea behind how Fat Burning Furnace works is:

Full Body Workouts + Specific Food Combos =  Accelerated Fat Loss

If I was asked to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say:
Fat Burning Furnace is a program that combines specific exercises with smart eating so you can burn fat faster.

The concept is fairly simple and provides a healthy way to lose fat. There is no starving yourself or spending hours at the gym. As you progress, you move on to more advanced workouts to ensure you remain challenged and your body continues to burn the fat off.

What People Are Saying About FBF?

It is normal to be skeptical nowadays with all the miracle weight loss products you see advertised everywhere you go but keep in mind this product does comes with a money back guarantee. Based on the customer testimonials on the company’s website it seems many women and men have experienced positive results following the Fat Burning Furnace system.

Customer Video Testimonial

Testimonial excerpts from the company website:

I have been using your program since January and have dropped 5 dress sizes.  So many of my friends ask me how much I’ve lost….though I do feel a bit guilty at not spending long at the gym, when everyone else is there for an hour or more. ~ Tracy M.

“Been gaining strength and burning fat for about 6 weeks…I was 180lb now 158lb (22 lbs. fat loss)…your advice has kept me focused…a new lifestyle indeed!” ~ Howard W.

“What a revelation…it goes to show you do not have to spend hours in a gym to lose fat. I have lost 21 pounds of fat and gone from a 38″ waist to a 34″ (in 12 weeks) and my whole body shape has changed forever.” ~ Ryan E.

“I’ve never been on a ‘weight loss’ plan that has ever been this easy to follow and to stick to. It is incredibly easy to workout 2-3x per week for 20-30 minutes. I eat a sensible, moderate and balanced diet without counting a single calorie. Thanks a million!” ~ Carrie K.

fat burning furnace review

The Pros & Cons

Below are the main bullet points that outline the pros and cons of this system based on user research. These should help you decide whether this product is for you.

The Good Points

  • Workouts designed to get you in & out of the gym quickly without sacrificing results
  • No restrictive diet and encourages you to eat variety of foods
  • Clear written instructions + pictures to be sure you’re doing exercises correctly
  • Bodyweight routine included for when you can’t get to the gym or are traveling
  • Easy to read manual so you can start right away

The Bad Points

  • Need a gym membership or have to buy some equipment to complete most of workouts
  • Meal breakdowns are included but only one actual sample menu
  • Have to create menus yourself based on program strategy using the list of foods provided
  • The video on the site seems a bit hyped up and long
  • A couple of upsells which are nice-to-haves but NOT need-to-haves to follow this program

Who is Fat Burning Furnace For

Really anyone can use it, but here are some things to consider:

  • Program is catered to those on the go who still want to dedicate some time to getting in shape and maintaining it
  • Anyone who wants a step-by-step workout plan
  • Women & Men of any age as long as you can physically workout
  • Caters to all levels, from the complete beginner to those who workout regularly 

To be fair, it should be mentioned that as with any weight loss product, results can vary by individual but the one BIG thing that really contributes to your success is how well you follow the program.

My Buying Experience

When I bought Fat Burning Furnace, I searched for information about it other than what was on their site.

Yes, I did find reviews, but most were very pro Fat Burning Furnace. I wanted to find the bad stuff too though, basically the negative Fat Burning Furnace reviews because any legitimate product will have some complaints.

It was great to read lots of positive stuff but what I also wanted to know was what the flaws were and —> WHETHER IT WOULD WORK FOR ME.

I also got a free bonus e-book and body fat percentage calculator before I purchased FBF. Here’s the link to get them free if you haven’t gotten them yet:


Rob Poulos tidbit

One aspect that makes the creator of this program, Rob Poulos, different from some of the other gurus you read about is that in his “before” picture of himself, he seems to be just a normal guy. Some people may prefer to buy a product from a bodybuilder, but others will likely respect that he has a “regular guy” story and isn’t one of those skinny bodybuilders who was never fat.

Final Points

As mentioned, this is not some supplement or acai pill based system and you need to have some willpower to follow it consistently. What that means is doing the workouts and following the eating plan, but this really is a set up as a step-by-step program to let you be successful. Hopefully this review of Fat Burning Furnace gave you all the details you need to decide whether it is for you.

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Fat Burning Furnace Review: Negative & Complaints

by Jess Nichols on October 21, 2012

Fat Burning Furnace is a popular product but just like any other product, it does receive some complaints which lead to negative reviews. There are a few common complaints but most of them actually deal with more technical issues than about people not liking the product itself.

First off, I want to clarify that there is another product called “Fat Burning Furnace – Amazing 2 Step Fat Loss System” by D. Amazin Grace. The site you are reading now is about the Rob Poulos product “Fat Burning Furnace” which can be purchased at FatBurningFurnace.com.

9 Negative Customer Comments

Below are a list of the nine Fat Burning Furnace negative review comments typically found when doing some research. Complaints are broken down individually so you can easily find what you are looking for or just review them all if you are doing your due diligence before buying the product.

Also there are actual answers and direct links to where you need to go (when applicable) included in this post in case you find yourself experiencing one of these issues once you buy it.

A few common related complaints have to do with being charged and not receiving the product or not getting an email about the purchase. Lets look at these first and then we can go into some of the others such as how to request a refund.

1.   Charged But Never Received The Product
This product is sold through ClickBank and it is a digital product so once you purchase it, you will get an email from ClickBank with a link for you to download the e-book. Many of the complaints date back to when there wasn’t even an option to get a physical book sent to you so it would seem there was a misunderstanding about the format of the product.

It has only been in the past year or so that there was an option to even get a physical book – this would have been an additional $19.99 charge if you opted to get it (which by the way you do not need since you can just print the e-book yourself – this is more of a nice to have for those who wanted a hard copy sent to them).

There may have been some confusion about the fact that you are getting a digital product, but now with the option to pay extra for a hard copy, this may make it more clear to those who thought it was an physical book being sent to them.

2.   Didn’t Receive The Email
The confirmation email is sent by ClickBank Customer Service, not Fat Burning Furnace or Rob Poulos, once your payment is confirmed.
As mentioned above, ClickBank is the vendor used to process sales of Fat Burning Furnace.

Sometimes the email ends up in your SPAM folder so that has sometimes been to blame for this complaint. Once you purchase it, if you don’t see an email from ClickBank, the first thing you want to do is check your SPAM folder for it.

The next course of actions is to check the payment service you used (Credit card or PayPal) to be sure it went through. If the payment did go through, then you want to go here on ClickBank to submit a request to research your transaction. ClickBank is pretty good about contacting customers in a short amount of time.

3.   Product Never Arrived
Most of these negative comments date back to when FBF was only offered as a digital product so there may have been some confusion over what an e-book is. Customers thought they were getting a book in the mail rather than being emailed a link to download the product onto their computer.

4.   Trouble Getting A Refund
The easiest way to request a refund is to go directly through the vendor, ClickBank, and make your refund request on this page. ClickBank processed your sale and will also process your refund for you so you don’t have to contact Rob Poulos or Fat Burning Furnace.

The process requires you to enter some purchase information which will take you to the Order Detail page. Once there, click the ‘Get Support’ button, select ‘more options’, choose ‘request refund’, pick a reason from the drop down menu and click ‘Send’ and that’s it.

I know refunds are given because as mentioned on my disclaimer page, I do receive a commission if you buy Fat Burning Furnace by clicking on one of the links on my site. If you do buy through my site, I can see when sales are made and I can also see when refunds are given, and I have seen a few over the years.

5.   No Delivery Address Asked For
As mentioned above, most of these were back in the time frame when only the digital version was offered therefore no mailing address would be needed since you would receive an email with download information.

6.   Credit Card Debited/Credited To CLKBANK.com Or ClickBank
Fat  Burning Furnace is sold through ClickBank which is a reputable digital product marketplace. CLKBANK is their abbreviation and how purchases from ClickBank are displayed on your purchase order. If you would like more background information on ClickBank, you can check out the ClickBank Wikipedia page here.

7.   Did Not Download & Can’t Find Site To Download It
You are taken to the download page when you purchase it. However, if you close the page before doing your downloads, there is a link in the email you receive from ClickBank, so try that first if you have the email. Look under the Technical Support section to locate this link.

If you have a problem downloading any of your Fat Burning Furnace purchase, then the support team is able to assist you. Just go to the support site to get help here:  http://zerotoherofitnesssupport.com/

The page you land on first is the F.A.Q/Knowledge base page with frequently asked questions but if you can’t find your solution, click on the “SUBMIT A REQUEST” tab at the top to enter your question.

8.   Can’t Get In Touch With Rob Poulos/Fat Burning Furnace
There are a few ways for you to contact Rob / Fat Burning Furnace. Here are your options:

  1. Contact form on the support site by clicking “SUBMIT A REQUEST” tab
  2. Mailing address:  Zero to Hero Fitness, 43422 West Oaks Dr., #216, Novi MI 48377
  3. Direct email to Rob Poulos at support@zerotoherofitness.com

9.   Need To Buy Equipment
There have been some complaints about needing to invest in equipment. In the Fat Burning Furnace review on this site, that is one of the items listed under the “bad points”.

Although you can work out with minimal equipment, it will give less options and you won’t be able to follow a lot of the routines provided since they require exercise equipment. Doing the same exercises will likely get boring if you aren’t able to find non-equipment options to add into your routine.

Lastly, I do want to add this is not a miracle weight loss program. You do need to commit to doing the workouts and following the eat plan to see results. The workouts are set up to be fairly quick but you do need to make the time in your schedule. The eating plan allows for a lot of options too and isn’t super restrictive. For more details, click here to read this review.

Still want to buy Fat Burning Furnace? Visit the official site by clicking here.

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Rob Poulos: Author of Fat Burning Furnace

by Jess Nichols on July 3, 2011

Who is Rob Poulos?

Rob Poulos is the creator of Fat Burning Furnace and according to his official site has helped over 70,000 people in more than 137 countries with losing weight. Fat Burning Furnace was developed based on his own struggles with years of trying to lose weight while buying weight loss product after product.

Background Story

Like many, he started off by doing all the cardio exerice and following strict diets. Sometimes he would lose weight, but he would hit a plateau and be stuck. Other times when he manage to lose weight quickly, he could not keep it off and before he knew it he gained it all back.

Bottom line, these other methods just were not working for him. He wasn’t losing any weight in the long run. On top of that, he felt terrible trying to put in hours of exercise and eating a restricted diet.

The important goal for him was finding an efficient method to lose and keep off weight without excessive hours of exercise or fad diet mentality. When he finally figured out what the key to successful weight loss really was, he took that knowledge and created the FBF system.

At first he was a bit hesitant to create a system because he had never done anything like that before. However, he knew that many struggled as he did and recognized that his system was the answer to obtain permanent fat loss.

Also surprisingly, most of what works for the long term is the complete opposite of what many are doing.

The Fat Kid

Rob admits to not being one of those skinny kids while growing up. He was actually quite the opposite.

As he grew older, he found he was always trying different ways to take off the weight.

He spent over 3 years piecing together what he found to work from all the systems he personally bought for himself. During this time he claims to have spent thousands of dollars while trying to lose weight using various other types of equipment, supplement and fad diets.

Quick & Easy System

Fat Burning Furnace was created from the trial and error process Rob says he experienced during his own quest to be fit. The final outcome was developing a system based on easy to follow requirements that fit into what he considers to be the average person’s routine.

That meant workouts that don’t take hours to do at the gym everyday and no crazy restrictive diets which can’t be sustained for the long term.

Poulos created Fat Burning Furnace focusing on the idea of efficiency. He wanted a time friendly program that gave him permanent results. It was also important that it is easy to follow so he and others could stick with it.

In the end, Rob says he discovered a lot of what he had tried doing before to lose weight was actually the exact opposite way to go about it.

Rob’s Results

Once he finally took all the things that worked to create his own system, he said he ended up losing more than 42 pounds which included knocking 10 inches off his waist. And he did this working out a total of a few hours a week, eating normal foods and without using expensive pills or supplements.

His Wife’s Results

Just in case you are thinking this is a program aimed at men, it definitely is not. In fact, once Rob’s wife Kalen saw all the weight that he lost and how good he looked, she started doing the program herself.

She ended up losing even more weight than he did simply by copying him. In total, she lost 59lbs and went from a size 12 down to a size 4.

So needless to say, the Fat Burning Furnace system works equally well for both genders, as you can witness by these before and after photos of both on them here in this article.

There is a video on the official site here which goes into both his and her stories about how they were successful in losing weight using this system. For those interested in this weight loss system, you should definitely check it out and hear what they have to say firsthand for yourself.

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Where To Buy Fat Burning Furnace

by Jess Nichols on June 29, 2011

Where To Get FBF?

A common question I see is about how to buy Fat Burning Furnace. People often ask if Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos can be purchased in bookstores or at their local mall.

The answer to this question is that Rob Poulos makes this weight loss program available for purchase online only to allow you to get access to an immediate download because he knows you want to be able to start the program right away.

You can buy from the official site located here: www.FatBurningFurnace.com

Once you click on the order button, you are directed through a step-by-step checkout process through Clickbank which is a well respected site specializing in online digital products.

  • To skip the intro video and proceed directly to the Order page click here and scroll down page.
  • Check out the common questions people have about Fat Burning Furnace on this official FAQ page.

You are also given a 60 day 100% money back guarantee in case you decide this isn’t for you after you’ve had a little time to check it out. With 60 days, not only can you start using the system to see if you are getting result but you also have a chance to determine firsthand if this is a program you will be able to do.

–> UPDATE: Hard Copy Book & DVD are NOW available! <–

Due to popular demand, Rob Poulos has recently added the option to get a hard copy of the book mailed to you (but you still have to make the purchase online as stated above). Right now, the cost is an additional $19.99 + shipping and handling.

Included with this hard copy option is the Fat Burning Furnace book, the Blowtorch Training Blueprint, and workout charts and progress tracker.

Also, as an added bonus for those who opt for this upgrade, you will get a free DVD with all 7 Blowtorch training workouts which totals 2 hours of fat burning training.

The upgrade is definitely a nice option for those who would like a hard copy of the book and a DVD to watch on their TV, but just to be clear, it is not a necessity.

You can still get all the materials digitally if you would rather not spend the extra money and you could then print them out yourself for less than twenty bucks on your home printer.

Still Thinking About Whether to Buy?

If you are still on the fence and you are looking for some additional information before you purchase, then you definitely want to check out a couple of reviews on this site which will answer all your questions.

There is a traditional review of Fat Burning Furnace that gives the overview, pros/cons, etc. along with another negative review that addresses the complaints people have reported with this product. Between these two reviews, you will have a good grasp on what the FBF system is all about.

After reading both of these reviews, you will be able to decide whether you want to buy it or not. These articles are very detailed and comprehensive and include all the important factors you need to know before buying this program.

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